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  • Great opportunity to network with Graphene experts
    Elena Polyakova, Graphene 3D Lab, Inc
  • It was a very proactive networking and knowledge sharing event
    Marcus Klen, Suragus
  • The Graphene & Market conference gives you an opportunity to network with high level experts for the material and application side, focus on business opportunities rather than basic research
    Albert Schnieders, CNM Technologies
  • Hugely Informative
    Warren Hardy, GGT
  • Excellent event for commercialisation of Graphene technology
    Kuan-Tsae Huang, AzTrong
  • A great event covering all the aspects of graphene business, from brand new technical advances to standardisation
    Abel Alvarez Alvarez, ArcelorMittal
  • Nice conference, well organised
    Sian Fogden, Anionica
  • It was a very-well organised event, high level speakers and appreciated networking environment
    Ana Ballestar, GPNT
  • Graphene & market conference is the perfect frame to gain a global view of the graphene market at the moment and make new business partners
    Luis Serrano, GPNT

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